Have you ever had that moment when you're standing in front of the hair dye section at the drug store, trying to decide whether to go for bleach or permanent color?

We've all been there. If you're torn between the two, you're not alone. Both have their pros and cons.

Permanent color is, well, permanent. That means that it will last until your hair grows out or you decide to color it again. This can be a pro or a con, depending on your point of view.

If you like change and like to experiment with your look, then permanent color might not be for you. On the other hand, if you find a shade that you love and want to stick with it for a while, then permanent color is a great option.

The other side of the coin is bleach. Bleach is a great way to lighten your hair if you want to go blonde or add some highlights.

However, bleach can be damaging to your hair if it's not done properly. That's why it's important to know when it's safe to perm your hair after bleaching it.

When is it Safe to Perm Your Hair After Bleaching?

The answer to this question depends on two things: the condition of your hair and the type of perm you're planning on getting. If your hair is in good condition, then you can probably get a perm about six weeks after bleaching it. However, if your hair is damaged or dry, then you should wait at least eight weeks before getting a perm.

As for the type of perm, there are three main types: body wave, spiral, and root perm. Body wave perms are the safest option because they use large rollers that don't put too much tension on the hair shafts.

Spiral perms are a bit riskier because they use smaller rollers that can cause damage if they're left in too long. Rootperms are the riskiest because they involve wrapping the hair around metal rods which can break weak or damaged hair shafts.

So now that you know all this, go forth and experiment with your look! Just be sure to take care of your locks in the process.